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Loan Periods, Fines & Charges


3 weeks


-Spoken Word

-Music CD’s and tapes

1 week


-DVD’s and videos


New Books

Spoken Word

-6 at a time

-6 at a time

Current Magazines

(last 3 months)

-3 at a time



Same Author

Same Subject

-3 at a time

-3 at a time

DVD’s and Video’s

Music CD’s

-6 at a time

-6 at a time





-For Books and Magazines

-For CD’s and Videos

Starting Friday October 7, 2022, the Kimberley Public Library is going Overdue Fines Free!

Patrons will still have to return any items they have checked out and will be notified if there is a hold by another patron on any of those items, but if you forget for a few days, don’t worry we’ve got you covered for those pesky overdue fines. Just get your borrowed items back into us in as soon as you can, and don’t forget you can always renew online or by calling us at 250-427-3112!

If you haven’t returned your items by the 28 days grace period after the due date, it will be assumed that the library resources have been lost.  Your library account will be charged with the full replacement cost of anything you have checked out that has not been returned.

Unfortunately at that point, you will no longer be able to check out anything from the library.  Once you have paid for all lost items or return them (YAY!) your account will automatically be cleared and you can begin checking out library resources again.

Call us if you have questions about our “Overdue Fines Free” policy, we would happy to help!



Full replacement cost


$2/per item

-For damaged or lost library resources not returned by 28 days after the due date

-For “Inter Library Loan Holds” not picked up within the 1 week time limit