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Computer & Internet Use

Computer Use

  • A person wishing to use a public computer must accept and abide by the terms set out in this policy. Violations of this policy may result in suspension of library privileges, exclusion from the Library, or even prosecution.
  • Public computers are situated in public areas and so content being viewed by users may be seen by other people; and users are expected to use public computers, including Internet access, in accordance with this environment. Viewing sites with pornographic content or any objectionable material will not be permitted.
  • The Library does not guarantee that the mechanical functions of this service will be uninterrupted or that the service will meet any specific requirements of the users. The Library will not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages sustained or incurred in connection with the use of its service.
  • Public computers will only contain software owned by or licensed to the Library. Users are not permitted to alter, tamper with or damage the Library’s computer equipment or software configuration.
  • When other patrons are waiting to use the computers, patrons are asked to limit their computer use time to between fifteen minutes and an hour. It is the Library’s policy that exact time-limits, turn-taking, and all other aspects of internet use are entirely at the discretion of the library staff. Patrons who are unable to accept the authority of the staff will be asked to leave the library..
  • Staff will assist in cases where mechanical or network problems arise, but will not provide instruction on computer or Internet use. Workshops and training sessions may be offered from time to time.
  • Printing from public computers is available for a fee of $0.20 per page.


Internet Access

  • The Internet is an unregulated, worldwide environment. It contains information and opinions that range in scope from reliable and authoritative to controversial or extremely offensive. Some information found on the Internet may not be accurate, complete or current. Users must assess the validity of the information found.
  • Users are responsible for the legality of any sites they access. Users are subject to federal, provincial and municipal legislation regulating Internet use, including the provisions of the Criminal Code regarding obscenity, child pornography, sedition and the incitement of hate. The use of the Library’s Internet services for illegal purposes is prohibited.
  • Users are responsible for all their activities on the Internet. The Internet is not a secure medium and that third parties may be able to obtain information about users’ activities. The Library assumes no responsibility for the security and privacy of on-line transactions.
  • Children’s access to the Internet and other electronic networks is the responsibility of their parent or guardian and not the responsibility of the library.
  • The Library does not manage the content of the information accessed through the Internet. The Library assumes no responsibility for any direct or indirect claims, damages or costs, howsoever caused, sought by users or third parties arising from its provision of access to Internet services.
  • Certain copying or distribution of material found on the Internet may infringe on copyright or other intellectual property rights. The Library is not responsible for such infringements.