Outreach Program

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Outreach & Community Service

The Library provides door to door service to patrons with mobility issues that prevent them from coming into the library. We can deliver your personalized selection of books and other resources, then pick them up when you have finished them.

We can also provide service through arrangements with caregivers, family and friends of shut-ins. Our Volunteers take the time to select with you the right resources, whether the format is large print, audio book, electronic magazines, paperbacks,  Music CDs or other items.

Please call us if you or someone you know might benefit from this service.


Outreach Visits

 Our library staff reaches out into the community in many ways. School and  daycare visits,   community events and gatherings, Festivals and markets.  If you have an event you would like the library to participate in and offer services, resources or programming, contact us!

 Kimberley  is a special place, with a unique community vision. Whether you are an individual, group, association or school, the library welcomes the opportunity to match our services with your needs.

 If you’d like to make recommendations on where the library services could enrich someone’s life,  please  contact us.

We are willing to create a service, program or presentation to match your needs in the community .


Daycare/Caregiver Service

Do you have a special theme each week for stories you read aloud to your group? Would you like help with that?  Or, call with a theme you would like to introduce to your kids  and we can select an assortment  that will be ready for you to pick up.

We support parents in their effort to inspire the love of literacy and learning in their children.  Need some resources to support your  home program?  Let us know the subject you would like to focus on and we can find some great materials for you. Don’t have a topic in mind? You can  leave that to the outreach folks.


School tours

Students & their teacher are encouraged to arrange a tour lf the library.  Give enough leadway and we can provide curriculum support.


Look for the library display at local markets and fairs. You can even sign out books on the  spot !


Community events

At the First Saturdays events the library is in action on the Platzl somewhere, reading stories or entertaining a group of kids and  parents. If you have an event, let us know how we can help support your goals.


Senior facilities

We visit seniors’ facilities  on a regular schedule.



We encourage all potential outreach clients to contact us, so that we can find the best solution for you.

Your unique needs are our focus. We enjoy the challenge of developing individual solutions for our  patrons & their diverse requirements.



 We enjoy working with Volunteers. We need you, your ideas, input and your time.

We have a range of opportunities for volunteers.  We recognize that each volunteer has specific strengths and abilities which we match with the task.

Volunteering can be a way to meet new people, discover new things about yourself, and have a positive impact on someone in your community.

If you have questions about different volunteer opportunities, give us a call.

Are you our next volunteer?